CPC Star Awards

The CPC Star Award honors those who demonstrate the concern, cooperation, and personal investment needed to conserve our imperiled native plants.

Each year, CPC staff reviews nominees’ contributions they have made over the course of their career to the science and conservation of rare and endangered plants in North America. Such contributions may include: ground breaking scientific discoveries in plant cultivation; extraordinary work in reintroduction of plants; heroic efforts that saved a specific species; exceptionally creative activities resulting in increased community support for plant conservation; and their contributions towards advancing CPC’s mission.

Congrats to our 2021 Star Award Recipient, Dr. Naomi Fraga!

YearAwarded to
2021Naomi Fraga - California Botanic Garden
2020Jennifer Ramp Neale - Denver Botanic Gardens
2019 Matthew Albrecht – Missouri Botanical Garden
2018 Ed Schneider – Botanical Research Institute of Texas
2017Joan Yoshioka – Plant Extinction Prevention Program
Anita Tiller- Mercer Botanic Gardens
2016 Chipper and Hau’oli Wichman – National Tropical Botanical Garden
2015 Alan Weakley – UNC Chapel Hill
2014 Peter White – North Carolina Botanical Garden
2013Flo Oxley – Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Johnny Randall – North Carolina Botanical Garden
Jackie Poole – Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, CPC Science Advisory Council
2012Michael Wall – Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Nellie Sugii – Harold L. Lyon Arboretum
2011 Holly Forbes – University of California Botanical Garden
2010 Valerie Pence – Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
2009 Peter & Mary Ashton – CPC Board of Trustees
Joyce Maschinski – Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
Peter Raven – Missouri Botanical Garden
2008 Dieter Wilken – Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
2007 Christina Walters – National Laboratory for Genetic Resource Preservation (USDA-ARS)
2006 Bill Brumback – New England Wild Flower Society
2005 Peggy Olwell – USFWS, CPC, NPS, BLM
2004 Don Falk – CPC Founder
Frank Thibodeau – CPC Founder
2003 David Orr – Waimea Valley
2002 Edward Guerrant – Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank and Plant Conservation Programs
Kayri Havens-Young – Chicago Botanic Garden
Mike Maunder – Florida International University
2001 Bobbi Angell – Botanical Illustrator