What is a CPC Participating Institution?

The 植物保护中心 is a network, uniting plant conservationists from botanical gardens, 植物园, and other plant-focused organizations working to save plant diversity for future generations. 目前有68名成员, the CPC network is strengthened by the knowledge and experience that each institution brings. The CPC network brings together data, 科学能力, and applied conservation experience to advance work that saves plants. As a result, CPC is a trusted authority on plant conservation science and practices.

Scientists in the 植物保护中心 network conduct ground-breaking research in rare plant conservation – building the foundation of good conservation practice. In leveraging data and experiences from across member institutions we are able to distill fundamental factors in plant conservation success. Over decades of this intensive collaborative work, CPC has developed guidelines that are trusted by plant conservationists around the world to Save Plants.

The 植物保护中心 not only binds plant conservationists together to spread and amplify their knowledge, but provides additional resources and support to members. CPC ensures members are equipped with the information and resources needed to best Save Plants.

Participating Institution Statistics

州 & 领土
University of Chicago intern Jessica Zhong is assisting the 应用生态学研究所 make a seed collection funded by the CPC's rare plant seed collection agreement with the US Forest Service 照片来源:玛丽亚·马林斯


Though the 植物保护中心 Saves Plants by providing information and resources to all, members are provided additional benefits.

  • Funding opportunities in connection with CPC led grant programs.
  • Access to online digital resources including a member’s only communication channel through the 中共稀有植物研究院 forum and seed accession transfer agreements/forms to USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Genetic Resources Preservation
  • Networking opportunities with the top conservation experts at our annual CPC National Meeting
  • Privilege of nominating species in your care to the CPC 凯时官网下载 to increase the visibility of your conservation work
  • Opportunities to contribute to works conservation research synthesis such as our CPC 最佳实践指南lines.
  • 技术支持, 指导和社区, facilitated through the CPC National Office, your go to connection on how to Save Plants
UCSC students Molly and Sheyna count seeds from El Dorado County for the Pine Hill Preserve Project. 照片来源:加州大学圣迭戈分校布雷特·霍尔

Featured Member: University of Santa Cruz Arboretum and 公共花园

UCSC Arboretum and 公共花园 has worked with students, such as Molly and Sheyna counting seed above, 几十年来,. 最近, in joining CPC and participating in CaPR they have expanded their conservation work, finding support for making more rare plant seed collections and gaining infrastructure to better curate their collection.


* =网络合作伙伴 ** =企业伙伴 + =研究合作伙伴
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